Artwork and stills from my short film ‘We Dance, act 3’

Here are stills and artwork from my short film ‘We Dance, act 3’. The triptych of ‘We Dance’ films (now in a full 29 minute long film in 3 acts) were made throughout the year for my Masters studies in Illustration and Animation at Cardiff School of Art and Design between September 2019 and August 2020. This work is deeply entwined in my research on how art, storytelling and collaboration with nature’s forces can create a stronger connection between us as humans to nature, our world and its inhabitants.

I work both playfully and with depth and enjoyed layering the metaphors and collaborating with nature’s forces. This work explores many themes such as myths and storytelling, motherhood, healing, empathy with each other and the rest of nature, death, the after life, endings and new beginnings, memory, places in time and the present.

I am very much looking forward to creating more of these evocative, immersive, poetic films. I have enjoyed researching, writing and creating art for my films as well as immersing myself in my local environment to create them. All art work, music, poems, songs and narratives were created, written, performed and produced by me and it has been an incredible and enlightening journey!

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