Remembering Inanna Exhibition and Performance

I exhibited these hangings at Shift in Cardiff on the 9th November 2019 for the ‘Remembering Inanna Exhibition and Performance’ event. This was a week long residency of a group of 30 womxn artists, poets, performers, storytellers and musicians whose work all addressed and explored suppressed female histories and voices. Focusing on the story of the Mesopotamian Goddess Inanna, but also telling a wide variety of the stories of women from the Mabinogion to the present day. The event coincided with the EP launch of ‘The Goddess and the Alphabet’ by the band ‘Inanna Meets the Dawn’. It was an inspiring, empowering and thought provoking event full of talent.

The work I exhibited is entitled ‘She’. This work plays with the symbolism and therefore the language of nature and the Goddess. She is symbolised by many things including the conch shell, the vulva and yoni. She holds all elements within her, the flame, water, earth, air and spirit. All life emerges from and retreats back into her. She is creation and passion, desire, compassion, kindness, anger and destruction. The Goddess, nature and the feminine are rising, her voice is being heard. This work explores how we are all lovingly entangled with her, there is no separation.

I enjoyed working with gouache and cut paper and on such a large scale. The work had a theatrical effect, creating a mood  and connecting with the other work exhibited and the performances at the event. The work emanated a life, energy and beauty of its own.

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